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The Anti-Stress-Room

Escape from the stress of everyday life and treat yourself to a break in the Anti-Stress Room, a unique concept offered by selected partner hotels. The Anti-Stress Room is equipped with TERRA Medico® products and provides a relaxing atmosphere specifically optimized for the recovery of body and mind. The Anti-Stress Room offers you the opportunity to test the products of TERRA Medico®. It is a place where you can feel completely comfortable.

Stress is the plague of modern times! However, there is a side-effect-free solution based on the laws of nature. 

The TERRA Medico® Anti-Stress Room is based solely on the physical and biological principles of nature. As the laws of nature always apply, we can even guarantee the effectiveness of the TERRA Medico® products. We equip the TERRA Medico® Anti-Stress Room with these products. Our motto is not to claim but to prove because the best argument is evidence. Therefore, book the Anti-Stress Room and see for yourself.

PDF Upgrade Folder - Energy sleep set & anti-stress
PDF Folder rental - Biophoton regeneration system
The perfect place
to relax and rejuvenate
The Anti-Stress-Room
Book your stay now and experience the TERRA Medico® Anti-Stress Room for real. You will feel refreshed, regenerated, and completely rested, ready for whatever life has in store for you.
Price per night: € 5 TERRA Medico® Energy & Anti-Stress Sleep Set per person.

Option: Additionally, and also available separately, we recommend the TERRA Medico® Biophoton Regeneration System for € 15 per night/day
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